Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages

Endorsed by Georgetown University, English With A Smile is a revolutionary English Proficiency program with focus on enhancing the language development skills of children. EWAS has a complete set of modules (storybooks, activity books, CD’s; a teacher’s package containing a teacher-to-teacher handbook with 200 hours of ready-made lesson plans, on top of a dynamic teacher-training workshop). EWAS is a comprehensive approach to children’s English Proficiency with measurable results. The program kit is good for one school year and is designed for schools, pre-schools and all other educational facilities with students within the age group of 3-9 years old.

Who should look into EWAS?

  • Pre-school owners
  • School officials, administrators and teachers
  • Entrepreneurs desiring to start a business in education with focus on English proficiency

Summary: English With A Smile

Of the multitude of English language programs designed for young learners on the market today, it is rare to find one that is not only based on sound pedagogical principles but is also designed to enable teachers to put into practice these principles in a clear, "user friendly" manner. But this is precisely what English With A Smile has accomplished through its comprehensive learning program that should bring "smiles" to young learners while providing teachers with a set of guidelines for best-practices in teaching English to young children. The developers of this program are to be praised for having developed a learning program that is virtually free of culture bias and relevant to all young learners who are familiar with an urban environment.

Dr. Alatis, Distinguished Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University, served as the Founding President of the TESOL International Research foundation (TIRF) Board and currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors, Joint National Committee for Languages and National Council for Languages and International Studies.

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