English Proficiency Intervention Program

ePIP© is an intervention program that allows English learners to individually and interactively work on their reading and listening comprehension, oral pronunciation and vocabulary through an interactive, online, multi-sensory program that is fun and easy to use. It is like having a private tutor in front of you whenever you need one at your fingertips.

The ePIP© Program mimics the characteristics of working one-on-one with an English tutor as it:

  • Provides immediate, corrective feedback
  • Works according to the learner’s individual capabilities and pace
  • Provides progress reports, detailing areas where learners can continue to improve
  • Provides positive motivation and feedback

Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages

Finally, ePIP© comes complete with immediate initial and ongoing assessment which assures a continual feedback loop for both the teacher and learner on the whole learning progress. This is essential when benchmarking and assessing the long term progress of learners. The assessment results are automatically provided with performance graphs and statistics.

What are the features of the product?

  • ePIP© uses the latest speech recognition technology to help learners improve their English pronunciation skills and improve their confidence when speaking English. Accuracy and speed must be mastered in order for English language learners to process the language efficiently enough to achieve true proficiency. This means they will be able to think faster, respond more quickly and present themselves in a more natural way when speaking English.
  • It is the only English as a Foreign Language (EFL) technology in the world that develops the foundation (root) skills to a speed and accuracy level required to become fluent.
  • It allows learners to:
    • Record their voices as they read dialogue texts, then listen to their own recording to hear how they pronounced the words
    • Listen to a narrator read the dialogue if they require model pronunciation
    • Receive immediate corrective feedback letting them know which words, phrases and even sentences require additional practice with regards to pronunciation and speed
    • Assess capabilities using simple oral and quick oral passages
    • Test their listening and reading comprehension skills through comprehension tests at the end of each lesson
    • Develop and increase their English vocabulary through ePIP©'s built-in dictionary. English vocabulary is learned in context with subject matter in focus.