English Proficiency and Accent Training

EPAT is an intensive training program on English proficiency with focus on Speech training or Accent Neutralization, Grammar, Vocabulary and Correct Usage. Training aims to provide the basic skills necessary in order to communicate and function in an English speaking environment. With the end in mind of improving the quality of education through English proficiency, Edulynx offers this combined testing and training service in English proficiency to individuals, companies, government organizations, and schools nationwide.

Our integrated testing and training service covers the essentials of English proficiency namely:

  • speaking fluency
  • listening comprehension and retention
  • vocabulary and spelling
  • structure and writing
  • reading comprehension

Who should take EPAT?

  • Individuals desiring to enhance their English communication skills, whether for purposes of finding employment (e.g. in Call Centers or overseas)
  • Corporate accounts (improvement of manpower communication skills)
  • Teachers
  • EFL or ESL Students
  • Schools-for Staff Development Programs
  • Government and Non-Government Organizations
  • Anyone desiring personal development in English Communication Skills